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New and AD-Free!
Perfect GPS app for travel and outdoor sport enthusiasts, families, people on the go, cyclists, hikers, geocachers, and for businesses with mobile employees or subcontractors. App allows you to take GPS photos, record your own POIs, save travelled routes, create navigation route to POI, and set location-based reminders. Users are able to locate their friends, vehicles, pets, children, or construction equipment in real time on the map.
The free use of the online web-portal, inViu web, connects the user to friends and co-workers, either at home or at the office.

• automatically/manually record routes
• view travel speed & distance travelled
• access travel speed & altitude profile
• address display
• export as a GPX or KML file
• record locations depending on the time, travel speed, or cardinal direction
• calculate route to the position of a photo/POI

Create location-based reminders and receive a notification when you or someone else enters or leaves a geofence.
Multiple settings possibilities
Typical use cases
• reach a pre-defined location (e.g. check the mail when you arrive home)
• friends are nearby (e.g. Mandy is nearby)
• someone enters/leaves a geofence (e.g. John has just left Birmingham)

Map display
• all geo-notes, routes, photos, POIs, location of friends, tracked assets, and your own position displayed together on the same map

Photos and POIs
• take GPS photos directly in the app
• create POIs
• assign to travelled routes
• addresses displayed

Using the online software web portal inViu web
ENAiKOON has over 10 years of experience operating a cloud server asset monitoring solution.
The online web portal software is where the location information of monitored smartphones and GPS devices (ENAiKOON tracking hardware) is saved, and can be retrieved later for further use. For the first time, inViu web is now available for individuals!

Highlights of the free version:
• displays current location and the routes travelled of smartphones and blackboxes
• free for up to 4 devices
For more information regarding inViu web: https://www.enaikoon.com/en/software/inviu-web/

Display of trackables in inViu web
• view the location and timestamp of the trackables’ last position update & see their location on the map in the app
• customise icons for trackables
• retrieve the data from the business portal, inViu pro, and/or from inViu web
General information
• offline mode: no data transmission from the phone
• send and receive data only with Wi-Fi connection
• password protection to change settings
• metric or imperial measuring systems
• GPS energy saving mode
• map updating adjustable
• available languages: EN, DE, FR, ES
• help function
For more information: http://www.enaikoon.com/en/mobile/plugins/routes/

Free version has the following limitations
• no export as a *.kml file
• maximum of 10 routes, 10 photos, and 10 POIs can be saved
• no route to POI or photo navigation
The full inViu routes PRO version without these limitations can be purchased in the in app ENAiKOON store for $ 4.99

Privacy protection
ENAiKOON is committed to data and privacy protection. This app does not collect or send data that would allow third parties to locate the user’s phone without their consent (password protection).
ENAiKOON uses the collected data exclusively for display in inViu.

Required permissions
Precise location (GPS):
Provides access to GPS receivers
Personal information:
Mobile phones and GPS devices are linked to contacts in the address book. No contact data is transmitted.
Network communications:
Location data sent to web portal inViu web
Required to store app data on the device.
Calls (read phone status and identity):
Required to generate a unique serial number from the IMEI in the GSM module
Device settings:
Required to set the individual alert tone
Deactivate sleep mode:
Continuously activate the display

track, localisation, tracing, gps notes

Version Android requise : 2.1 et plus récente
Téléchargement sur l'Android Market : 100 - 500
Dec. 27, 2012, midnight - Version 3.3.3