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Every battle is one step closer to glory.

Experience the retro classic “pong” game on your iPhone or iPad in a fun,
exciting and out-of-this-world new way!

You’re invited to enjoy thrilling, fast-paced pong action, and put your quickthinking
skills and rapid reflexes to the test!

Join forces with Lt. Max Blaster, an aerial combat specialist, and his sidekick
Commander Clint, as they wage ferocious battles with evil and hostile aliens.

Each battle earns the duo XP points, which you can use to upgrade their ship
with ultra-powerful cannons and other awesome weapons. Do you have what it
takes to defend your honor and save the galaxy?

Pong Galaxy features amazing graphics that are optimized for your Android device with Retina display and not Retina too.

Test yourself against evil, hostile aliens, or battle against a friend to see who has
what it takes to save the galaxy.

Choose “History” mode and face a series of stages, or choose the tougher “Full
Combat” mode and face more hostile aliens and civilizations.

Questions? Comments? Want the latest news? Visit us online at
www.apptouchgames.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PongGalaxy
Official trailer http://youtu.be/VSDH43dtCvU

Version Android requise : 2.2 et plus récente
Téléchargement sur l'Android Market : 10 - 50
Dec. 26, 2012, midnight - Version 1.0.1