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Nous vous avons présenté en fin de semaine la possibilité d'avoir des applications flottantes. Overlays y ressemble un peu, dans la mesure où elle permet d'afficher les widgets de votre bureau sur n'importe quel écran en les rendant flottants. Overlays s'accompagne d'une multitude de fonctions : une configuration par application et la possibilité de créer des profils.
Noter cette applications :

Overlays allows you to float your home screen widgets ANYWHERE!

• Show your favorite music widget on top of your navigation application!
• Float a calculator while writing documents.
• Make sure you still have battery when playing a game.
• Take notes while reading an eBook.
• And many more options...
* Overlays application does NOT contain the widgets. It only breaks the home screen limit and shows them where ever you want!

For permissions required & common questions, read below or contact us. Please don't rate low before you contact us. We promise to respond to every email!

Main features:
• Cool in-house overlays - Clock, Battery, Weather, Missed calls, Unread SMS count and shortcuts! In-house overlays have unique preferences option to allow maximum flexibility!
• Create as many profiles as you want and switch between them easily.
• Application profiles (Paid only) - create profiles for each application! When the application starts, Overlays will show its profile and hide it when you leave the application. No action required from you.
• Rearange, Resize and Delete your overlays, even when you're using a different application! (long click to edit).
• Supports different positioning for portrait and landscape orientation.
• All home screen widgets are working, including Gmail and Messaging.
• Overlay transparency (alpha).

Purchasing Overlays Pro unlocks the following features:
• Application profiles - create Overlays profiles by current running application. Application profiles can co-exist with the current general profile that is set to default.
• Tasker integration - Switch profiles on incoming call, headphones plugged, when arrived to a specific location and many more!
• Future features and unique in-house Overlays.

Permissions required
• FINE_LOCATION - For in-house weather overlay. Another surprise in the future ;)
• GET_TASKS - Get current running application so we can show its profile (Only if Pro version purchased & installed).
• INTERNET - So we can update the weather overlay.
• READ_CALL_LOG - Get missed calls only. We don't query for details.
• READ_SMS - Get unread SMS count. We don't query the messages content.
• RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - So we can start the application on device boot, if selected in the application's settings.
• SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - Allows us to show the Overlays everywhere!
• VIBRATE - A small vibrate feedback when you long click to select an Overlay.

Q: I purchased the Pro application but I still can't use the pro features!
A: Please make sure you have a working network connection and force the main (free) Overlays application to restart (application's menu->Kill Overlays). If that doesn't help, please contact us through the application's settings (Feedback).

Q: How do I use the Tasker plugin?
A: Create a Tasker profile and when asked to add a task, choose "Plugin" -> "Overlays". On the "Action Edit" window, click the "Edit" button and choose the Overlays profile you want to switch to when the Tasker event you defined occur.
If needed, add a Tasker exit task - just use the same task (we'll handle when to show and when to hide the selected Overlays profile).

Thank you for your support!

keywords: floating, widgets, battery, weather, overlays, floating clock, floating shortcut, tasker plugin, floating profiles

Version Android requise : 4.0 et plus récente
Téléchargement sur l'Android Market : 500 - 1 000
5 avril 2013 00:00:00 - Version 1.0.3